Wanna Get Flashed? (I Launch a Flash Fiction Challenge)

Well, do ya wanna?

First, let me explain…

I am launching my very own flash fiction challenge. For myself. I am challenging myself to write one flash fiction story a week for 13 weeks. But, I also want to get you all in on the fun.

Here’s the deal.

The challenge is called Get Flashed.

On Friday, I’ll hop on Facebook Live. I’ll randomly choose prompts (which I have been collecting from people all week).

This week will be a Super Flash.


I’ll draw two prompts.

The first, I will use to write a 1000 word story in 3 days and post it on my blog by Sunday.

The second prompt I draw will be for a 1500 word story that I will post by NEXT Sunday, giving me a little over a week to write it.

Every week I will give another call out for prompts.

EVERY FRIDAY I will get on Facebook Live and draw from prompts that I’ve collected (from you!) for a 1500 word story I will write that week and post by the NEXT Sunday. So, you’ll want to tune into the video because I might choose your prompt.

I will do this until the end of the year.

Now that you know what I’m doing, you’re probably wondering…WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT?


Honestly, I’m kind of wondering the same thing. But, really, it’s because I’m realizing that I love Flash Fiction and short stories. I get super motivated during challenges that NYC Midnight holds. I love the challenge of creating something great in a short amount of time (probably because I hate editing so I love that fact that I need to get it as close as possible on the first try).

I love the looming deadline. But, self-induced deadlines never really work which is why I am getting you all involved. Since I’m having a hard time writing a novel, maybe I’ll publish a book of Flash Fiction. By the end of this challenge, I’ll have 13 stories. Plus some I’ve previously written. Who knows, maybe they’ll turn into a book.

And, while this challenge is to get me writing, if you want to join in, go ahead! Write your own story using the prompts I draw. Share them with me and I’ll share them with others.

So, follow along here or on Facebook or Twitter.

I’ll post the stories here and I’ll share them.

So, I ask again. Wanna Get Flashed?


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