The Freedom Journal Journey: Starting is the Hardest Part

So, I’ve been rocking out the Freedom Journal for a week now (yes, rocking it!) and I have to say, I am pretty pumped about my progress. It’s amazing how one simple change can affect an entire mindset. I now have chapter ideas, some chapter descriptions, pages of notes, an overall theme and an elevator pitch for a project I’ve been putting off for at least 6 months. I’ve worked on it every single day for a week when just a month ago I’d barely touched it since I had the idea.

So, yay for the Freedom Journal!

And, as I’ve used this book to achieve daily goals that have pushed me closer to my overall goal (finish my book in 100 Days), I’ve learned a few things about myself and the way I work.

Some Things I’ve learned:

  • Working on a project every day (even if it’s just a little) helps me think about it, even when I’m not working on it
  • I don’t always get the goals completed the way they are written, and that’s ok
  • I start to look forward to the moment where I get to work to accomplish the goals I set down
  • Once I’ve written it in the book, I feel guilty if I don’t complete it

And, most importantly, I have learned (even though it’s been told to me over and over and I’ve read it everywhere that talks about setting and establishing goals):


  • Actually getting started is the hardest part.

I may have to force myself to sit down at the computer. I may have to take my computer into bed or get out a notebook or just start by reading a writing book for a few minutes. I may have to tell myself I am just going to write down one quick sentence or idea and then stop.

But, no matter what I do to get started, once I start, I keep going.

No matter how tired I am when I start, I get a burst of energy.

No matter how long I said I would work, I go longer.

And, I almost always go beyond the goals I have set.

They say that in working out, actually going to the gym is the hardest part. Well, in writing, actually turning off the TV, getting off the social media, actually putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, is definitely the hardest part. And, once you figure out you are over the slump, you’re golden. Why stop now if it’s going to be that hard to get started again? Hell, let’s just write the whole thing in one sitting. Ok, that might be a stretch. But, you get the point.

So, I’m on Day 7 of the Freedom Journal Journey and what have I learned so far?

Start. Just start. Everything after that gets easier, I swear.
getting started

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