Seventh Inning Heat Hits a Home Run (Or, How I found myself reading romance & using baseball puns)

(BTW, Yes. Yes, this is a Kissing Book)

When I first started reading “Seventh Inning Heat,” by Lyssa Kay Adams (Book 1 in The Vegas Aces Series) I was simply reading it because she is my friend and a fellow author and I wanted to support her. I don’t typically read romance. I don’t usually read about sports (or watch sports or talk about sports). It is a book I never would have picked up if it weren’t for the obligation I felt toward my friend. BUT, that feeling of obligation disappeared after only a few pages. Soon, I was reading for me. I was reading for the characters. And I was reading because the writing was amazing.

What I noticed right away was that I didn’t feel like I was reading about a romance or baseball. Yes, there was a romance. That was clear from the beginning. Heck, that’s clear from the cover. And yes, there was baseball. But, it wasn’t about baseball. And it wasn’t just about romance. It was about the people playing baseball and the people experiencing the romance. And that’s what hooked me. The people. Lyssa writes real people. They swear. A lot. They get mad. They get drunk. They scream. They cry. You can sense their frustration, their grief, their anguish. When Nicki goes running, I felt like running. And I don’t run. And you get mad at them. You hate them for being so stupid, for not seeing what is right in front of them. You feel for them. And with them.

That’s what makes Lyssa a great writer and this a great book. It’s not just a romance or a baseball book. It’s a people book. Because we’ve all had those romances. Those feelings we couldn’t push down no matter how hard we tried. Those attractions that take over and make us do stupid shit but really we just don’t care. And that’s ok. That’s the human condition. And that’s what Lyssa is writing about. Being a fricken human. Who is incredibly attracted to another human. And she does it fantastically. With a lot of humor (and yes, some cheesy baseball puns), a lot of feels and a lot of people getting punched in the face.

Spoiler alert: There is  sex. Because having sex is a part of being a human. If you’re lucky.

So, long story short, I will be reading the next books in The Vegas Aces series not out of obligation but because I want to. And you should too. But you should read this one first. But, make sure you can take a cold shower after…

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