Who is The Resistant Writer?

I am the Resistant Writer.

You are the Resistant Writer.

At one point or another, all writers (even the most devoted, successful and determined writers) have been The Resistant Writer.

What is a Resistant Writer?

A resistant writer is someone that knows what they need to do in order to be a successful writer but, for whatever reason, they just don’t do it.

They might be held back by fear. They might be easily distracted. They might think they just don’t have the time/freedom/resources/talent they need to write.

They might be paralyzed by the deadly, yet ever-present, question, “What’s the point?”

I AM the Resistant Writer.

I’ve been through it all. Doubt. Distraction. Fear. Laziness.

And, I’m still going through it. I have not found the magic formula that will help me fight all these demons. But, I’m ready to start looking. And I am ready to share that search with you.

So, join me on my journey as I fight to overcome the urge to resist my calling. Share your stories, your techniques, your fears and your journey. And I will share mine.