I NEED to know! (The blog in which I ask for your help)

I am mentally preparing for the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge that I recently entered. And, by mentally preparing, I actually mean silently praying that I didn’t make a huge mistake and that I don’t get assigned a genre I know absolutely nothing about. And, hyperventilating a little.

So, I have a question.

I want to know the most intense writing challenge you’ve ever entered and how you got through it. Or, just how you get through any sort of intense writing deadline. How do you make your brain work under pressure? Where do you get your ideas when you don’t have time to brainstorm or ponder. I need tips. I need encouragement. I want to hear your story.

Leave your words in the comments.

And, go!


2 thoughts on “I NEED to know! (The blog in which I ask for your help)”

  1. Back in the day when I was writing a lot more (mostly poetry), it was music and substances. Hunter S. and Charles Bukowski are my two biggest influences.Music has always been the catalyst for my creativity. Listen to weird music from the 70s. Setting a deadline for yourself always worked for me as well. Another one of my favorite writers, David Berman, would sit and watch tv and just write random words down. I found that to be interesting. Hope that helps?!

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