I Found a Hobby Not Related to Writing, and I Won’t Feel Guilty About It

For most of my life, writing has been my passion. It’s always been one of my only passions. Then it became my passion, my hobby and my job.  I’ve never had many other things I could say I was really excited about. As I got older I discovered Geek Culture and going to Conventions and now I would definitely call that a hobby. But, for the most part, I’ve never had anything else that I really enjoyed doing outside of writing and reading (and a lot of the time reading was simply used to fuel my writing).  

In this past month, I’ve had to deal with some guilt that has come with discovering a passion other than writing, for something I never thought I would enjoy, selling. Hang on, before you hang up the ‘No Soliciting’ sign, let me explain.

We’ve all seen the businesses known as MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). We see folks selling bags, or makeup or candles, trying to get you to not only buy, but throw parties and take on the selling pursuit yourself. These businesses are not for everyone. They certainly weren’t for me. I always avoided sales jobs like the plague. I hate forcing things on people. I hate trying to upsell people. I hate asking people to spend their hard earned money on things they have to be talked into.  I’ve been broke. I get not wanting to spend a ton of extra money.

But, I also get wanting to make a little extra money. And, as a freelancer, I get the appeal of doing it from home.

A few months ago, my friend Joy started posting on her Facebook page about Perfectly Posh, a naturally-based, cruelty-free, made in the US, skin care line. She posted pictures of the effect the products had on her skin and I had to try it. I’ve always struggled with acne and now as I get older I am struggling with acne AND wrinkles. Not fair, right? So, I was on board to try anything that would help, but I was skeptical it would actually work. Nothing had.

It did. I loved every product I tried. AND they were affordable. Joy’s excitement was contagious and I found myself wanting to share it with all my friends.

So, for that reason and that reason only, I hopped on the Pampering Pursuit and joined the Perfectly Posh team. I was excited about the effect the products were having on my skin and knew others had the same issues I was struggling with. I didn’t sign up thinking, “I am going to make so much money selling this stuff!” I went in saying, “Wow, I really love this stuff and I bet others will too.” poshcollage

Sure, once I signed up I wanted to make a little money doing it, I mean, why not? I spend money on it, and will continue to, so why not make a little back?  

BUT, I’m also having fun with it. I enjoy talking about it, I enjoy sharing it, I enjoy answering questions about it. Because it made an impact on my life and I want to share that. It’s just a perk that if I do a good enough job talking about it I’ll make a little money.

AND, I’m excited (although I felt some guilt when I initially felt this) to have something to do besides writing. Even though I love it, it can be draining. When I write for work, and then write to unwind, it can get exhausting and doesn’t always feel relaxing. It’s been nice to have something  to turn to that is productive yet fun. I don’t feel like I’m working when I’m telling someone about a product or making samples to hand out. I feel like I am simply sharing something that I’m excited about. Like when I share a piece of my writing. posh stuff

So, instead of feeling bad when I take time away from writing to get the word out about Posh, I’ll simply transfer my passion from one pursuit to another. I’ll let myself gush about Posh makes my skin feel and how much fun it is to take a little time to pamper myself. And I definitely will not feel bad about trying to get others to pamper themselves.

Ok, you knew this was coming….

Pamper yourself with Posh! You can browse around my website OR email me and ask for samples (alspooner@gmail.com). I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Like I said, I love talking about the products!

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