Don’t Snooze Your Life Away

Ugh, Mondays. Amiright?

Your weekend was probably great. You probably did all the things. Or, even better, did none of the things. Maybe you lounged. Maybe you focused on your writing or curled up in your favorite spot with a good book. Or, maybe you spent your days running kids from activity to activity. Whatever you did, my guess is that when that alarm went off this morning, you wanted your weekend back.

And I get it. I spent the weekend working on my own projects, catching up with good friends, binge watching the last season of Mad Men, and even did a little coloring. It was glorious. And when that alarm went off this morning, reminding me that it was once again Monday and I had to do real work type things, I was super tempted to hit snooze and hold onto my weekend just a little bit longer. But, I didn’t.

I stopped Snoozing

In fact, I haven’t hit the snooze button in something like, 2 weeks or so. I stopped hitting the snooze button for two reasons:

  1. I read The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)
  2. I listened to Hal’s Podcast: How to Avoid Becoming a Procrastinator

Between these two things, Hal’s message really sunk in:

  • Procrastination isn’t a singular choice- every time you procrastinate, you are becoming a procrastinator.
  • Every time you do it, it makes it easier to do it in the future
  • Every time you procrastinate, you are giving yourself permission to put things off

And I realized:

  • Every time I push the snooze button, I am putting off my life
  • I am giving myself permission to put off my life

Which is why, in The Miracle Morning, Hal gives you the tools to avoid hitting the snooze button in the morning. Because if you start your day by procrastinating, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. And if you do it every day? Well, like he said, procrastination isn’t a singular choice.

If you start your day procrastinating, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Click To Tweet

So, I decided, I don’t need five more minutes in the morning (I may want them but I know I don’t NEED them).

Then, I started thinking about all the different ways we put off life that may not even be intentional.

I Stopped Waiting for Tomorrow

What about every time you say, “Friday can’t get here soon enough?” Or, “I can’t wait for the weekend?”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with looking forward to a few days of relaxation or some time off of work, but if you are spending 5 days of every week simply living for two…now that’s really pressing snooze on your life.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t procrastinate anymore. I’m not saying I don’t look forward to a couple days off just like anyone else, but I have started (warning, cheese alert) to try to find joy in every single day.

Using the techniques in The Miracle Morning, I devote a certain amount of time every morning to doing things I enjoy (reading and journaling). The fact that I get to start my day (even though it’s just ten minutes) doing something I enjoy, gives me something to look forward to every single night. Knowing that I am going to take a little time for myself, sitting in silence, writing down my thoughts and reading about a topic I am interested in (I use the morning time to read a writing book) and not simply rushing, bleary eyed into a chaotic day, makes it a lot easier to avoid that snooze button. And, the rest of the day usually flows pretty smoothly from there. I don’t need five more minutes because I am looking forward to the next five minutes.

I don’t need five more minutes because I am looking forward to the next five minutes.

I don't need five more minutes because I am looking forward to the next five minutes Click To Tweet

I am not waiting for Friday because I am looking forward to tomorrow, and the next day.

I am not waiting for Friday because I am looking forward to tomorrow Click To Tweet

Sorry, Not Sorry

And I’m really sorry if this sounds preachy or self-helpy or cheesy. Actually, ya know what? No, I’m not. Because these little techniques have helped me, and will continue to help as I work them, and if they can help you, then I’m ok with sounding self-helpy.

I also realize this isn’t writing advice. But, I am starting to realize that feeling good in one area of your life definitely bleeds over into other parts.

Like I said, I haven’t perfected this mindset. Today was rough (I still let myself sleep in on the weekends so Mondays are particularly tough). I didn’t snooze but I laid in bed for a minute before dragging myself into my routine. But, I got a lot done. I got this post done. And when I go to bed tonight I will feel good about what I accomplished before 8am and during the rest of day. And I’ll feel good about tomorrow. And I hope you do too.

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