Networking for Writers Who Hate to Public: Getting Started

In my last post, I laid out a scary truth. Writers should be networking. And while many of you already knew this, it’s still scary. And it’s tough to figure out where to start. Writing is a whole different ballgame than say sales or marketing.

Or is it?  Continue reading “Networking for Writers Who Hate to Public: Getting Started”

Yes, Writers, You Need to *Gulp* Network (Here’s Why)

So, there’s this thing that I used to fear. I would avoid it all costs and when I had to do it I would get all nervous, sometimes sweat a lot, forget my own name and usually drink a little to help me get through it. But, there were always people telling me to do it, that everyone was doing it and I would feel better when it was over. And, this was one instance where the voices of peer pressure were actually right. Continue reading “Yes, Writers, You Need to *Gulp* Network (Here’s Why)”

Supposed To Syndrome

There’s a disease spreading through the general population and it can be hazardous to our health. It can eek into our everyday lives, infecting our insides and spreading to our loved ones. The more we let it affect us, the more it affects others. It’s called Supposed to Syndrome and it is spread simply by speaking. Continue reading “Supposed To Syndrome”

Seventh Inning Heat Hits a Home Run (Or, How I found myself reading romance & using baseball puns)

(BTW, Yes. Yes, this is a Kissing Book)

When I first started reading “Seventh Inning Heat,” by Lyssa Kay Adams (Book 1 in The Vegas Aces Series) I was simply reading it because she is my friend and a fellow author and I wanted to support her. I don’t typically read romance. I don’t usually read about sports (or watch sports or talk about sports). It is a book I never would have picked up if it weren’t for the obligation I felt toward my friend. BUT, that feeling of obligation disappeared after only a few pages. Soon, I was reading for me. I was reading for the characters. And I was reading because the writing was amazing. Continue reading “Seventh Inning Heat Hits a Home Run (Or, How I found myself reading romance & using baseball puns)”